‘A good investment for the hope of peoples’. Cardinal Scola comments on the new encyclical “Charity in truth” »

Charity in truth is ‘demanded by economic logic’ (CV, n. 36). Benedict XVI gives body to this statement when talking about the ‘principle of gratuitousness’ and ‘the logic of gift as an expression of fraternity’ (CV, n. 36) Thus, at a stroke, two cardinal features of the newness of the conception of ‘overall development’ proposed […]

Ratzinger Realism: the lesson of the eight days of Benedict XVI in the Holy Land. An article by the Patriarch of Venice »

A lesson in realisim. Such were the eight days of Benedict XVI in the Holy Land. With intrepid courage he placed his hand on the burning contradictions of that grieving land, with the inflexible energy of one who does not give up because he knows that he can build with new bricks. He risked in […]

“Truth is not a doctrine, is this Man”. The Palm Sunday’s homily in Sain Mark »

“The passion of Our Lord is not a myth, but it consumes itself «under Pontius Pilate» and standing on the solid base of history. However, in the same time, the manifestation of what sorrowfully accompanies the whole history of humanity from the beginning to the end: God is beaten and held in contempt while He […]

The Freedom to Convert: the ‘Serious Case’ of Religious Freedom. An op-ed by Patriarch card. Scola »

The nexus between truth and freedom is for man one of the always resurgent questions because in the ultimate analysis it cannot be mastered or deduced in purely conceptual terms. The journey of Oasis, which on more than one occasion in recent years was near to touching upon this subject, by then suggested dedication to […]

The Truth of Calling on God unites Men and Cultures: cardinal Scola’s first editorial of Oasis magazine »

On 27 October 1986 the representatives of the principle religions of the world were convened by Pope John Paul II to prayer together. Twenty years later that action still unlocks a great force of witness. Man perceives the need for his personal commitment to peace and realises that there is a profound connection between the […]