“Protecting nature or saving creation? Ecological conflicts and religious passions” »

Tanslation by  Giorgio Cini Foundation Dialoghi di San Giorgio – Inaugural Event – Venice, 13 September 2010 Protecting nature or saving creation? Ecological conflicts and religious passions   Card. Angelo Scola Patriarch of Venice 1. A cue from Mahler “O Schönheit! O ewigen Liebens, Lebens trunk’ne Welt!”: “O beauty, O world drunk with eternal love and […]

Multiculturalism, Religions and Bioethics. A contribution to our pluralistic society »

Today’s pluralistic society, in which democracies are founded on procedures agreed upon, urges us to reflect carefully on the ethical, juridical and economic praxis common to all humanity. It is by now a commonly shared idea that it is necessary to translate the concepts deriving from one’s various religious and cultural traditions into public argumentation. […]

The Patriarch of Venice, father of Oasis Foundation, and the “popular Islam”. An interview by John Allen Jr. »

“This is a problem typical of our globalized society. We’re seeing an unprecedented encounter of people, cultures and religions, which is what I have in mind when I use the phrase meticciato di civiltà – a “hybridization of civiliations.” It’s a historical process currently underway, and its results are by no means certain. There are […]

“An encouraging sign”: Scola on the open Letter to the Pope by 138 Muslim Leaders. An interview by Il Foglio »

In this exclusive interview granted to Il Foglio, the Patriarch of Venice, Cardinal Angelo Scola, opens to the spirit of the letter of 138 Islamic sages, “A common Word between us and you”, thus putting an end to the discretion observed by the Church up to now. The one exception to that discretion is Cardinal […]

Today’s and tomorrow’s scenarios for competitive strategies: Religions and Politics »

1. The “Gods Are Back” With the end of the age of utopias, the end to what Lyotard refers to as the age of the “Grand Narratives” , the growing influence of religions and sects around the world, especially of Islam, is at odds with the view that prevailed after 1945, namely that religion’s social […]