Between the East and the West a Mexican Suggestion. A new step to study the “meticciato” of civilizations and cultures. A Scola’s article »

Man walks when he has a good idea of where he is going. However where for the Christian, and generally for religious man, the destination is clear the eternal life towards which from this very moment we are walking nobody can dispose a priori of the steps that lead to it. We do not possess […]

Two criteria for interreligious dialogue. Introductory paper by Card. Scola at the Intercultural Forum for Studies in Faith and Culture, Washington DC »

On the occasion of his encounter with representatives of Muslim communities in Germany on 20 August 2005, Pope Benedict XVI re-emphasised that “interreligious and intercultural dialogue between Christians and Muslims cannot be reduced to an occasional option. It is in fact a vital necessity, and our future depends to a great extent upon it”. Here […]

The Truth of Calling on God unites Men and Cultures: cardinal Scola’s first editorial of Oasis magazine »

On 27 October 1986 the representatives of the principle religions of the world were convened by Pope John Paul II to prayer together. Twenty years later that action still unlocks a great force of witness. Man perceives the need for his personal commitment to peace and realises that there is a profound connection between the […]