Human pain and Redeemer’s work: an abstract taken from the traditional Redeemer Address »

From the 2009 Redeemer Address by Patriarch Card. A. Scola 1. Personally, I was provoked to choose pain and suffering as the topic for the Redeemer Address during the Pastoral Visitation, as I met in their homes people who were seriously sick or very ill. This issue has become more urgent to me, I would […]

Ratzinger Realism: the lesson of the eight days of Benedict XVI in the Holy Land. An article by the Patriarch of Venice »

A lesson in realisim. Such were the eight days of Benedict XVI in the Holy Land. With intrepid courage he placed his hand on the burning contradictions of that grieving land, with the inflexible energy of one who does not give up because he knows that he can build with new bricks. He risked in […]

“God defines Devil from every side through the suffering love of the Innocent”. The Passion Sunday’s homily »

“Each one of us, even the absent-minded, here summoned by the Eucharistic Sacrament of love, are involved in the heart of the action, becoming aware that we have an active part in this story which did not happen only long ago but it continues to happen in every instant. We are not spectators. Let us […]