Asset: the new School of Advanced Studies Society Economy Theology within Studium Generale Marcianum aims to be an asset for the comprehension of the plural society »

The School of Advanced Studies Society Economy Theology (ASSET), created within the Studium Generale Marcianum of the Patriachate of Venice, aims to be an asset for the comprehension of the plural society. ASSET is an academic and cultural proposal responding to a twofold urgency: on one side the necessity for the social sciences to take […]

Let us taste and adore Christ present here and now: the inexhaustible fascination of Venice is marked by this new and eternal covenant with God »

“On the stump of the ancient memorial Jesus grafts the radical novelty of his redemptive sacrifice: “This is my body… This is my blood” (Mk 14, 22 and 24). In the semitic language “Take, this is my body” (Mk 14,22) simply and paradoxically means “This is myself.” By operating the substantial transformation of the bread […]

Between the East and the West a Mexican Suggestion. A new step to study the “meticciato” of civilizations and cultures. A Scola’s article »

Man walks when he has a good idea of where he is going. However where for the Christian, and generally for religious man, the destination is clear the eternal life towards which from this very moment we are walking nobody can dispose a priori of the steps that lead to it. We do not possess […]

“God defines Devil from every side through the suffering love of the Innocent”. The Passion Sunday’s homily »

“Each one of us, even the absent-minded, here summoned by the Eucharistic Sacrament of love, are involved in the heart of the action, becoming aware that we have an active part in this story which did not happen only long ago but it continues to happen in every instant. We are not spectators. Let us […]

Jews, Muslims and Christians talk about God. Scola and Oasis at the UN in New York »

On February 2007 cardinal Scola has met Rabbi Israel Singer and Seyyed Hossein Nasr at a forum sponsored by the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations. Here’s the article appeared in the National Catholic Register by Pete Sheehan. NEW YORK – Despite difficulties, Christianity, Islam and Judaism can work together […]

September 11: five years after. An op-ed by Cardinal Angelo Scola »

Five years have passed since 11 September 2001, the day of the Twin Towers, the day when all of us, even the most lacking, even the most shallow, even the most distracted, were shocked and opened our eyes, with our hearts troubled. What is happening? What kind of a world is this? Nobody was able […]

Today’s and tomorrow’s scenarios for competitive strategies: Religions and Politics »

1. The “Gods Are Back” With the end of the age of utopias, the end to what Lyotard refers to as the age of the “Grand Narratives” , the growing influence of religions and sects around the world, especially of Islam, is at odds with the view that prevailed after 1945, namely that religion’s social […]