“Easter is the feast of Christ’s centrality in the life of man”. Patriarch’s easter homily. »

Tanslation by sr Léonard Easter Vigil  Gn1:1-22; Gn22:1-18; Ex14,15-15,1; Is 55:1-11; Ba 3:9-15.32-4.4; Ez 36,16-28; Rm 6: 3-11; Lk 24: 1-12 Easter Sunday Acts 10, 34.37-43; Ps 117; 1Cor 5: 6-8; Jn 20: 1-9 1. «I am Christ who have destroyed death, who have won the enemy and put the Hades under my feet, who […]

“Truth is not a doctrine, is this Man”. The Palm Sunday’s homily in Sain Mark »

“The passion of Our Lord is not a myth, but it consumes itself «under Pontius Pilate» and standing on the solid base of history. However, in the same time, the manifestation of what sorrowfully accompanies the whole history of humanity from the beginning to the end: God is beaten and held in contempt while He […]

“God defines Devil from every side through the suffering love of the Innocent”. The Passion Sunday’s homily »

“Each one of us, even the absent-minded, here summoned by the Eucharistic Sacrament of love, are involved in the heart of the action, becoming aware that we have an active part in this story which did not happen only long ago but it continues to happen in every instant. We are not spectators. Let us […]