Oasis: interpreting tradition at the time of metizaje of civilisations. On the inevitable cultural interpretation of faith »

“Oasis is called to an exploration of the role of traditions in the time of the mestizaje of civilisations as a place of the inevitable interpretation of every faith. These interpretations are the subject of a continual narrative and dialogue between the subjects that live in our plural societies. Without, however, ever forgetting the ultimate […]

Venice Patriarch’s message to the Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans (Iraq) after the tragic death of Mgr. Rahho »

Your Beatitude, on behalf of all the Churches and Bishops of North-Eastern Italy and of the Patriarchate of Venice as well as myself, I wish to extend to you and to Iraq’s long suffering Christian community our truest sympathy for the heartbreaking sorrow caused by the tragic death of His Excellency Mgr Paulos Faraj Rahho. […]

Between the East and the West a Mexican Suggestion. A new step to study the “meticciato” of civilizations and cultures. A Scola’s article »

Man walks when he has a good idea of where he is going. However where for the Christian, and generally for religious man, the destination is clear the eternal life towards which from this very moment we are walking nobody can dispose a priori of the steps that lead to it. We do not possess […]