‘The good news of Christmas: God makes himself familiar to us. And if God is familiar to us, we can surely recognize Him’. Patriarch’s Christmas homily »

Translation by Léonard Azzopardi Is 52: 7-10; Salm 97; Heb 1: 1-6; Jn 1; 1-18 1. “The people who walked in darkness … upon those who dwelt in the land of deep shadow …” (Is 9: 1). These words of the prophet Isaiah concern us. Proceeding – or maybe living – in the darkness is […]

Multiculturalism, Religions and Bioethics. A contribution to our pluralistic society »

Today’s pluralistic society, in which democracies are founded on procedures agreed upon, urges us to reflect carefully on the ethical, juridical and economic praxis common to all humanity. It is by now a commonly shared idea that it is necessary to translate the concepts deriving from one’s various religious and cultural traditions into public argumentation. […]