The Patriarch’s message for the Epiphany »

The Magi represent all men in search of God. Saint Paul annotes that «The pagans now share the same inheritance» (Eph 3,6). «Jesus Christ is not only relevant to Christians, or only to believers, but to all men and women. Christ, who is the centre of faith is also the foundation of hope. And every […]

Human pain and Redeemer’s work: an abstract taken from the traditional Redeemer Address »

From the 2009 Redeemer Address by Patriarch Card. A. Scola 1. Personally, I was provoked to choose pain and suffering as the topic for the Redeemer Address during the Pastoral Visitation, as I met in their homes people who were seriously sick or very ill. This issue has become more urgent to me, I would […]

Let us taste and adore Christ present here and now: the inexhaustible fascination of Venice is marked by this new and eternal covenant with God »

“On the stump of the ancient memorial Jesus grafts the radical novelty of his redemptive sacrifice: “This is my body… This is my blood” (Mk 14, 22 and 24). In the semitic language “Take, this is my body” (Mk 14,22) simply and paradoxically means “This is myself.” By operating the substantial transformation of the bread […]

“Truth is not a doctrine, is this Man”. The Palm Sunday’s homily in Sain Mark »

“The passion of Our Lord is not a myth, but it consumes itself «under Pontius Pilate» and standing on the solid base of history. However, in the same time, the manifestation of what sorrowfully accompanies the whole history of humanity from the beginning to the end: God is beaten and held in contempt while He […]

September 11: five years after. An op-ed by Cardinal Angelo Scola »

Five years have passed since 11 September 2001, the day of the Twin Towers, the day when all of us, even the most lacking, even the most shallow, even the most distracted, were shocked and opened our eyes, with our hearts troubled. What is happening? What kind of a world is this? Nobody was able […]