‘A good investment for the hope of peoples’. Cardinal Scola comments on the new encyclical “Charity in truth” »

Charity in truth is ‘demanded by economic logic’ (CV, n. 36). Benedict XVI gives body to this statement when talking about the ‘principle of gratuitousness’ and ‘the logic of gift as an expression of fraternity’ (CV, n. 36) Thus, at a stroke, two cardinal features of the newness of the conception of ‘overall development’ proposed […]

“Let’s turn our eyes to the measure of Divine Love”. The homily of the fest of the Hezaltation of the Holy Cross »

“The cross is the symbol of charity par excellence, the symbol of objective and effective love whose source lies in God. This is the reminder that the Order’s ensign with the eight-pointed cross- reminiscent of the eight Beatitudes – continues to bring into the world. But before being a human action, charity is a divine […]