WOJTYLA/ Scola: I’ll tell you about the John Paul II that I knew »

from Ilsussidiario.net Benedict XVI will beatify John Paul II on Sunday, the day that JPII himself wanted to call the Day of Divine Mercy and that will be marked by a large celebration of the faith. “I think that Wojtyla was the Pope of freedom and the Saint of freedom” said Angelo Scola, the Patriarch […]

“How Libya and North Africa can “remake” Europe”, an interview from Ilsussidiario.net »

from Ilsussidiario.net march, 30th 2011 At the Angelus yesterday, Benedict XVI made an appeal “to those who have political and military responsibilities for the immediate initiation of a dialogue, which suspends the use of weapons.” “May peace return as soon as possible for these people and further tragedies be stopped”,  Cardinal Angelo Scola, Patriarch of […]

Cardinal Scola addresses sexual abuse crisis. Patriarch of Venice reiterates support for Benedict XVI »

Translation by ZENIT VENICE, Italy, APRIL 1, 2010 – Here is a translation of the statement on sexual abuse in the Church made today Cardinal Angelo Scola, patriarch of Venice, at the end of the Chrism Mass held in St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice. The solemn occasion of the Holy Chrism Mass which sees all […]

Multiculturalism, Religions and Bioethics. A contribution to our pluralistic society »

Today’s pluralistic society, in which democracies are founded on procedures agreed upon, urges us to reflect carefully on the ethical, juridical and economic praxis common to all humanity. It is by now a commonly shared idea that it is necessary to translate the concepts deriving from one’s various religious and cultural traditions into public argumentation. […]

Ratzinger Realism: the lesson of the eight days of Benedict XVI in the Holy Land. An article by the Patriarch of Venice »

A lesson in realisim. Such were the eight days of Benedict XVI in the Holy Land. With intrepid courage he placed his hand on the burning contradictions of that grieving land, with the inflexible energy of one who does not give up because he knows that he can build with new bricks. He risked in […]

The Freedom to Convert: the ‘Serious Case’ of Religious Freedom. An op-ed by Patriarch card. Scola »

The nexus between truth and freedom is for man one of the always resurgent questions because in the ultimate analysis it cannot be mastered or deduced in purely conceptual terms. The journey of Oasis, which on more than one occasion in recent years was near to touching upon this subject, by then suggested dedication to […]

Catholics Ponder Muslim Coexistence. The work of Scola and Oasis told by Time »

While summer tourists floated through Venice’s timeless splendor this week, the city was also hosting some visitors with little time to waste. Among them was the bishop from Jerusalem warning of the “hemorrhaging” of Christians from the Holy Land. Another prelate told of a letter sent last month by pro-Taliban elements to 50 Pakistani Christian […]

Two criteria for interreligious dialogue. Introductory paper by Card. Scola at the Intercultural Forum for Studies in Faith and Culture, Washington DC »

On the occasion of his encounter with representatives of Muslim communities in Germany on 20 August 2005, Pope Benedict XVI re-emphasised that “interreligious and intercultural dialogue between Christians and Muslims cannot be reduced to an occasional option. It is in fact a vital necessity, and our future depends to a great extent upon it”. Here […]