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“The Christian contribution to the European Integration Process” »

X Jubilee Conference on: The role of the Catholic Church in the process of European integration The Christian contribution to the European Integration Process Cracow, 10-11 September 2010 Introductory remarks Card. Angelo Scola Patriarch of Venices 1. European identity and integration If we are to attempt to respond as concisely as possible to the topic […]


Studium Generale Marcianum Venezia ASSET – Alta Scuola Società Economia Teologia International Summer School/ Venice, September 6th-10th 2010  THE “NEW RIGHTS” IN THE EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN PUBLIC SPACE  Rethinking Rights in a Plural Society + Angelo Card. Scola Patriarch of Venice 1. The Summer School as an occasion and the role of Asset The Summer […]

“Protecting nature or saving creation? Ecological conflicts and religious passions” »

Tanslation by  Giorgio Cini Foundation Dialoghi di San Giorgio – Inaugural Event – Venice, 13 September 2010 Protecting nature or saving creation? Ecological conflicts and religious passions   Card. Angelo Scola Patriarch of Venice 1. A cue from Mahler “O Schönheit! O ewigen Liebens, Lebens trunk’ne Welt!”: “O beauty, O world drunk with eternal love and […]

“Education as paideia. A proposal for our time” »

The Scientific Committee of the Oasis International Foundation FOYER NOTRE DAME DU MONT, THE LEBANON, 21-22 JUNE 2009 EDUCATION BETWEEN FAITH AND CULTURE: CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM EXPERIENCES IN DIALOGUE EDUCATION AS PAIDEIA. A PROPOSAL FOR OUR TIME + Card. Angelo Scola, Patriarch of Venice At the beginning of the deliberations of the Scientific Committee of […]

“God’s plan for man and woman in the sacrament of marriage”. The nuptial mystery and contemporary culture »

April 29, 2010. G. Fäldt, translation from the Italian for the Nordic Catholic Family Congress May 14-16, 2010, Jönköping, Sweden Nordische Katholiche Familienkongress Amore e Vita (Love & Life) Jönköping, Freitag, 14 Mai 2010 + Angelo Cardinal Scola Patriarch of Venice Before approaching the theme that the conference organizers have given me, which concerns God’s […]

Christianity and Plural Society. Cardinal Scola about Democracies and Religions »

As president of the French delegation to the second international conference of UNESCO (held in 1947), Jacques Maritain supported a thesis that retains a strong validity and one which, if rigorously formulated, can constitute the basis by which to identify a new way of thinking about secularity in a plural society. Maritain said that the […]

Multiculturalism, Religions and Bioethics. A contribution to our pluralistic society »

Today’s pluralistic society, in which democracies are founded on procedures agreed upon, urges us to reflect carefully on the ethical, juridical and economic praxis common to all humanity. It is by now a commonly shared idea that it is necessary to translate the concepts deriving from one’s various religious and cultural traditions into public argumentation. […]

Two criteria for interreligious dialogue. Introductory paper by Card. Scola at the Intercultural Forum for Studies in Faith and Culture, Washington DC »

On the occasion of his encounter with representatives of Muslim communities in Germany on 20 August 2005, Pope Benedict XVI re-emphasised that “interreligious and intercultural dialogue between Christians and Muslims cannot be reduced to an occasional option. It is in fact a vital necessity, and our future depends to a great extent upon it”. Here […]