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‘The good news of Christmas: God makes himself familiar to us. And if God is familiar to us, we can surely recognize Him’. Patriarch’s Christmas homily »

Translation by Léonard Azzopardi Is 52: 7-10; Salm 97; Heb 1: 1-6; Jn 1; 1-18 1. “The people who walked in darkness … upon those who dwelt in the land of deep shadow …” (Is 9: 1). These words of the prophet Isaiah concern us. Proceeding – or maybe living – in the darkness is […]

The difficult and fascinating challenge of education. Patriarch Scola’s contribution for the International Meeting of the Italian Cultural Project »

“Crises in teaching are not crises of teaching: they reveal a crisis of life and they are crises of life themselves.” Once again it is the genius of a poet like Péguy which, blowing away an array of cliches and superficial analyses, knows how to get to the heart of what at this point is […]

Patriarch’s Christmas wishes to the young basket player of Reyer Venezia »

On the 16 of December cardinal Scola has took part to the annual Christmas wish-party of Reyer Venezia Basketball Society. In the fully crowed stadium, among the young players, the official teams and team’s managers, and the relatives of the player, he said: “you will achieve more goals if you know where you are going […]